Yoga is for everyone.

To me, doing yoga is a way to settle into the person you truly are – that eternal self, where circumstance and mood are not the be-all-and-end-all, but just a fleeting moment in time.

I have personally used my practice to get through difficult times, to celebrate wonderful ones, and to push into new territories beyond my comfort zone. To me, stepping onto the mat is like coming home.

My classes are holistic with the goal of helping each student to become aware of and to challenge his or her mental, physical, and emotional self. In my sessions, we will use a mixture of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to best fit what each student needs each day.  I promise never to center my classes around losing weight or getting a great butt (though I can’t guarantee those won’t happen as a byproduct).  I’m an optimist and a truth-teller with classes designed for real people in the real world.

I am a member of Yoga Australia, fully insured, and have a certificate of completion of Qi Yoga’s 420 Level 1 Teacher Training program.  I live in the Northern Beaches with easy access to the Sydney CBD.  I am available to teach:

  • private sessions
  • small groups
  • corporate classes
  • public classes

Please get in touch to learn more or set up a consultation. Cheers!