The Farewell Tour, Part 1

The fact that it is already mid-August is beyond my comprehension.  However quickly it flew by, one thing is true: this has been the absolute best summer ever.

I have been able to see so many people, make so many memories, and have so much fun.  It was completely indulgent, exhausting, and over-the-top, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It felt like I was taking a farewell tour – visiting all of my favorite places with my favorite people.  All of them. Everywhere.  (And this is all before leaving for my trip!)

June Wrap-Up:

The first weekend of June was the Covered Bridge Half Marathon in Vermont.  It was the second time I had completed this race, but this year was special because I was able to run with my brother.  And by “run with,” I mean trail miles behind.  But regardless of the discrepancies in our times, it was so fulfilling to get to do a race together, especially his first half marathon.  My stepfather remained our biggest fan, cheering us on during training and throughout the actual race.


Left: A well-deserved post-race beer, c/o Steve Jonas. Right: Relaxing in my favorite place after the race, my mother’s house.

June 7th was Blondes vs Brunettes Game Day, a fundraising flag football game to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association and the culmination of months of effort.  I was on the planning committee as well as a player on the Blonde team.  The three month season required a whole range of work, including logistical planning, fundraising, and physical training.  However, being a part of a team again was motivating and the cause could not have been better.  The Blondes won the game and we raised over $63,000 for Alzheimer’s research.  It was an additional honor to be voted as the team’s Unsung Hero.  Thank you ladies!


Left: Top BVB fundraisers promo shot, c/o CJ Himberg. Middle: Game day, c/o Right: Blondies win, c/o Hannah Friskey.

June 13th marked the day we found my sister’s wedding dress.  While I can’t include pictures of this, know that she will be breathtakingly beautiful next August!


An absolutely beautiful bridal shop in Beacon Hill called Ceremony.

My work going away party was on June 19th, organized by my very thoughtful friend CJ and hosted by my boss, Mike.  It was an absolute blast.  After five years working for the company, I felt nothing but encouragement and support regarding my decision to travel and have even been given the opportunity to consult/advise on an as-needed basis.


Left: Trying to capture the best going away party ever, I had to go outside to restaurant to get everyone in. Right: Toasting at Row 34, c/o CJ Himberg.

June 21st was our second annual Cousins Weekend, in which my aunt and uncle generously host the younger generation of family members in their beautiful beachside home north of Boston.  We were able to relax, catch up, hang by the pool and beach, and sit next to the fire pit late into the night.


Left: My family enjoying many grilled meats and the fire pit. Middle: Spectacular night, stunning house. Right: My sibs being ridiculous as usual. (#marginalmax)

June 27th was the bachelorette party of my dear friend, Kara.  A great group of girls spent the weekend in a little rental house in a quintessential Cape Cod town.  We ate delicious meals, played absurd games, paddle boarded in the bay, and danced for hours.  Celebrating Kara was a treat because she isn’t one to seek out the spotlight, but we were able to somehow marry (get it?) Kara’s easy-going nature with a raucous party to celebrate her.  I also learned not to try doing the wheel pose on a paddle board.  Bad idea!


Left: Kimmy and I attempt downward dogs on paddle boards. Middle: Group shot of the ladies before our night out, c/o Kara Powers. Left: So many rocks, so few fingers!

Looking back, I can’t believe this all happened within one month.  No wonder I’m exhausted!  More to come soon…

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